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Razer finally makes their Turret Bluetooth gaming keyboard and mouse combo available for purchase

If you’ve been following our site for at least a year, then you might remember us talking about the Razer Turret back during CES 2015. Back during that show we sat down with Razer to try out the then new Razer ForgeTV along with a couple of different new Bluetooth peripherals, those being the Sevral Controller and the Turret lapboard and mouse combo. Well after over a year of additional development, the Turret is now finally available for purchase.

The Razer Turret is a combination Bluetooth keyboard and mouse setup, with the keyboard having a built-in mouse pad for your mouse to use. All of this sits nicely on your lap, so you can play whatever game you wish to play on whatever platform you want to play them on using a keyboard and mouse. This setup worked quite well when trying it out with the ForgeTV, but it can work with anything just as good, it just needs to have a Bluetooth connection.

The whole setup even comes with a handy stand for the keyboard and mouse to sit in when not in use, which also acts as a charger for both peripherals at the same time. Both peripherals are made for gaming and the mouse actually has a low resistance magnet under it to keep it from sliding off the mouse pad portion all the time.

So how much will this run you? Razer has the Turret up for purchase for a cool $160 with free shipping in the US. If you’ve been waiting for this to arrive, you can now buy one off of Razer’s website or from Amazon. You can (finally) expect a full review to show up shortly here.

Amazon: Razer Turret

Official Website: Razer Turret | Razer Blog

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