Day: 14 July 2016


Relaxing puzzler Quell Zen has been released onto Google Play

For those familiar with the Quell Series (the eponymous Quell, along with Quell Memento, Quell Reflect, and others unrelated to this franchise, such as Swapperoo) will be happy to know that there’s a new entrant into this line of logic games: Quell Zen. In a similar format to the other Quell games, players will be guiding a raindrop around a board, by using swiping gestures to cause it to move until its path is obstructed, while doing so in such a way as to navigate it around the board and avoiding obstacles.


Capture treasure while sinking rival pirate ships in Age of Booty: Tactics, now out on Google Play

For those who are fans of naval strategy, there’s a new game to help scratch that itch. Titled as Age of Booty: Tactics, this game is a pirate-themed, turn-based strategy game, with card-based elements just to mix things up. Players will begin by selecting a name for their ship’s captain, while others become available as missions are completed, and they form a “rogue’s gallery” that players can later choose from.


Square Enix confirms a Western release for Mobius Final Fantasy, arriving August 3rd on Android

Mobius Final Fantasy is a game we reported on back in April 2015 when the game was originally revealed. At that time there was no confirmation on whether or not this game would see life over on Western shores. However, thanks to a new announcement trailer from Square Enix, we now have confirmation of a Western release which will be happening in August of this year.


Here’s a map of the most sought after Pokemons by each US state and other Pokemon GO facts

Pokemon GO has become something of a strange phenomena in that the franchise itself, Pokemon, has been around for quite some time. Now with the release of a single game within the franchise, the world has somewhat lost their minds trying to find Pokemon in real world locations. This has lead to an onslaught of strange, fake, humorous, and scary stories popping up online since the game’s release. It has also revealed some interesting facts about the game.


[Update: UK Release] All Systems Go! Pokemon GO Being Released by Region, be Sure to Stay Safe.

2016 marks the 20th anniversary of the venerable Pokémon franchise, and gamers that have been “catching them all” since their childhood have an all new reason to dust off their Pokédex, rejoin the fray, and catalog the (sometimes) cute critters. As of this yesterday morning, Niantic Inc., the developer behind the popular augmented reality game Ingress, has begun launching Pokémon Go to the Google Play Store and iOS App Store by region.