Day: 21 September 2016


Agatha Christie: ABC Murders will finally be landing on Android later this month

Back in December of last year we reported on the Agatha Christie: ABC Murders game and the fact it would be coming to mobile devices soon. Currently available for consoles, Mac, and PC, this particular game isn’t a hidden object title, which most games of this nature end up being. Instead, the developers are pegging this as an adventure/mystery game with a “riveting story line, clever puzzles, investigation and adventure pieces”.


Space Food Truck will be making a stop onto Android tablets next month

Indie game development studio One Man Left has announced that they will be releasing their latest mobile game next month onto tablets. The game, called Space Food Truck, is a co-op multiplayer card adventure game that is actually available for PC now via Steam. In Space Food Truck, players will be working together to warp around a procedurally generated galaxy while searching for exotic ingredients.