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Pixelbite has their sequel to Space Marshals in open beta form on Google Play

It was nearly a year ago that I reviewed Space Marshals, a dual-stick shooter released by Pixelbite. To my elation, I found out that the sequel we’ve previous reported on already has an open beta going on Google Play. In terms of how the game plays, this one appears to follow in the footsteps of its older brother.

Players will again navigate levels with multiple paths to the end, and will need to consider whether or not frontal assaults will be wiser than sneaking around and silently eliminating enemies, one at a time. The game is slated to include more than 70 different weapons, along with other items as well. The weapons will include categories such as sniper rifles, cross bows, assault rifles, energy weapons, throwing axes, grenades, and more. In Space Marshal 2, the enemies are found to belong to differing factions, that don’t always get along, so players now have the opportunity of inciting one faction against the other, to use the ensuing conflict as cover and distraction, in order to sneak around it.

Space Marshals 2 Features:

– Tactical top-down shooter
– Gorgeous stylistic HD graphics
– 20 missions with performance based rewards. TAMI is watching you!
– Wide selection of weapons and gear. Over 70 different weapons.
– Multiple factions to fight – or pitch against each other
– Dual stick controls with a set of different options
– Gamepad controller support
– Google Play achievements

The perspective of the game will be top down, as its predecessor was, and this version will also natively support hardware controllers, and Google Play Achievements. From what I’ve played so far, it even retains the same sense of humor.

Space Marshals 2 is available from Google Play for free, though there’s a single IAP within it for $5.99. Again, the game is in an open beta state, so bugs might be encountered. The single IAP is there to support development, remove ads, and gives players both access to the top tier rewards, as well as the Cor-V vending machine.

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