Day: 31 October 2016


Enter for a chance to win a limited edition custom Lumines: Puzzle & Music Beats Solo2 Headset

Halloween is all about getting a bunch of goodies to munch on over the next couple of months, probably netting at least a couple of people out there a cavity or two. Well we can’t really giveaway any candy, but we can give everyone a chance to win a custom Lumines: Puzzle & Music Beats Solo2 headset. Just to give you an idea as to how limited this headset is, there’s only 20 of them in the world.


Make an ancient Egyptian ruler trend on social networks in Trending Pharaoh, now available on Google Play

Released by Undercoders, Trending Pharaoh is a game where players are in charge of the social network, on behalf of ancient rulers that are mostly based in Egypt. Players will have a list of options in front of them, that are the various social networks available to the pharaoh, and posts are made simply by tapping on that network, with the goal being to fill up that meter in order to gain a follower.