Day: 11 November 2016


Defend your kingdom from invading slimes in Legends TD – None Shall Pass, now available for download

Released by Babeltime US, Legends TD – None Shall Pass! is a tower defense game currently available for Android. In this game, players will assume the role of an unnamed captain, who’s been charged with stopping the invasion of the slimes into the kingdom. As one might expect with this genre, that entails preserving the kingdom’s control of important roads and passes.


Party Hard GO from tinyBuild is now available on Google Play

tinyBuild has published Party Hard GO onto Android yesterday. This is actually the soft launch for this version of the game but does not come with the Party Harder update we reported on last week. So what is the difference between this version and the original Party Hard that is also available on Google Play? This version is for other Android devices outside of the Nvidia Shield line.


Joycity’s upcoming Oceans & Empires game now has its pre-registration live in select regions

Game of Dice developers Joycity have launched the pre-registration for their upcoming game called Oceans & Empires. This particular game is a war-themed strategy title with a big focus on naval warfare. While you’ll be concentrating on building the best fleet of warships that you can, you’ll also need to make sure you’re building up your island base as well.


Google is starting to crack down on fast charging with Android devices

Google has begun knuckling down and getting touch on the standards revolving around fast charging Android devices. Right now manufacturers are trying to come up with ways to make their devices charge faster than any other devices. This is obviously a great feature for Android gamers as it means much more gaming time for us. However, fast charging done wrong can have some bad side-effects. So Google has begun getting tough on what it takes to have good fast charging.