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Every Dragon Quest game has been added to the Square Enix sale

Last week, Final Fantasy set out on a quest to offer great deals on its games; now, Dragon Quest joins the party. From the series pioneer formerly known as Dragon Warrior in North America, to the PlayStation 2 classic Journey of the Cursed King, every Dragon Quest game is on sale at a 30 to 40 percent discount for a limited time.

The complete list of Dragon Quest games is:

Dragon Quest (33% off, now $1.99)

Dragon Quest II (40% off, now $2.99)

Dragon Quest III (30% off, now $6.99)

Dragon Quest IV (33% off, now $9.99)

Dragon Quest V (33% off, now $9.99)

Dragon Quest VI (33% off, now $9.99)

Dragon Quest VIII (33% off, now $14.99)

With the Dragon Quest franchise now a part of the Square Enix sale, the only games currently not discounted are Romancing SaGa 2 and The World Ends With You. It’s odd that Square Enix would forego putting those two games on sale; however, it was also odd that Dragon Quest wasn’t included until today, so maybe they will be added soon.

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