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Marvel Future Fight: 2.9 Update Teaser Part 2!

Two days ago Netmarble teased their upcoming 2.9 update with the announcement of a new area and new Alliance features, today they’ve given us a hint towards a new character.

The new area has been confirmed to be New Attilan, the current home of the displaced Inhumans population after the destruction of Old Attilan, currently located between New York and New Jersey above the Hudson River.

The new character they are teasing certainly casts a menacing shadow over existence.

This evil presence looks a lot like the Doctor Strange villain Dormammu, ruler of the Dark Dimension.  Could we finally see the dreaded one in the next update?  We’ll find out next week when Netmarble fully reveals the details next week.  We’ll keep readers posted as news comes in.

Website Referenced Mobirum (The Official Site)

Google Play: Marvel Future Fight

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