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Nintendo has confirmed that Animal Crossing will still launch on Android this fiscal year

Animal Crossing on Android.

Miitomo aside, Nintendo has excelled on mobile. Super Mario Run played like a tiny yet fully-fledged entry in the franchise. Fire Emblem Heroes kept the best bits and made everything else mobile friendly.

It’s a promising start but we want more already. Thankfully, Nintendo confirmed in a recent financial results Q&A that Animal Crossing was still on track to launch in the current financial year.

Animal Crossing on mobile

We’re not sure exactly what form Animal Crossing on mobile will take. Judging from the franchise’s strengths, we can make a few assumptions though.

There will likely be a focus on minigames, socialising, and building or decorating. All of these things have worked well on mobile so far.

Whatever form it takes, we do know one thing for sure. It will launch on Android at some point before April 2018.

We’ll keep you posted.

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