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Is ustwo games about to announce Monument Valley 2?

Monument Valley 2

ustwo is about to announce something big at an exclusive press party on June 9th, and we think it’s Monument Valley 2.

Why? Well, fans and press alike have been begging for a sequel since Monument Valley arrived on mobile in 2014. It also remains ustwo’s most successful game to date, both critically and commercially.

The official artwork for the party (shown above) smacks of Monument Valley too. It’s all pastel shades and sharp edges.

Monument Valley 2

The exact wording on the press release is as follows:

For nearly half a decade, ustwo games has been proud to make interactive entertainment which challenges and delights. Friday 9th June marks an important step in our history and we’d like you to help us party… because reasons.

Whatever the announcement is, it’s going to be big, so definitely keep a close eye on Droid Gamers on June 9th to catch it in full.

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