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[Update: DLC Now Available] ustwo’s Monument Valley will be getting a new free DLC tomorrow called Ida’s Dream

ustwo has seen an almost cult-style following form for their Monument Valley game since its release. All of those fans will be happy tomorrow, or midnight tonight, as the company will be releasing a new free DLC for Monument Valley called Ida’s Dream. If this sounds familiar, that is because this was already available in the past as part of a limited charity promotional campaign. If you didn’t get to participate in the promotion, you missed out on getting Ida’s Dream.


Monument Valley Review: A Quick, Mind Melting Trip Through A World Where M.C. Escher Is God

Value is a tricky thing when it comes to video games. For movies, books, music, and other forms of media, the price is fairly simple to understand. While the value of those things have undoubtedly changed over the years, what they provide is fairly consistent. A movie is an hour and a half to three hours. A Song is three to six minutes. A book is as long as it is thick. But video games, are different, video games aren’t so easy to define.