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Hunt treasure not Pokemon in Garfield GO! out tomorrow

Garfield GO!

Garfield GO! tasks you with hunting down treasure in a variety of real life locations using AR. Think Pokemon GO, except you’re searching for treasure instead of little monsters.

There are millions of locations to hunt in, and you can earn prizes with real money value by doing so. We’re not sure exactly what form these will take, but you can redeem them in a variety of places like Amazon, Dominos, and Starbucks.

Garfield will join you in your hunt as well, and you can unlock a variety of hats and clothing to dress him up in. Who doesn’t love a good old cosmetic unlock?

Garfield GO!

There are a bunch of extra fun features as well. You can collect hundreds of Garfield comics, play minigames for free food, and watch brand new animations. The latter of these features the voice of the original Garfield as well.

Location based AR games are all the rage right now, and Garfield GO! looks set to continue the trend admirably.

There’s not long to wait either, as Garfield GO! launches tomorrow, June 13th on Google Play. Check out more info right now on the official site.

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