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Quick! Grab Albion Online’s Founder Pack before it expires

Albion Online Android

Albion Online will finally launch on July 17th, and you’re running out of time to grab the Founder Pack. It provides you with a bunch of rewards and a week’s early access, and you only have four days left to get it.

That’s right – the Founder Pack is only available until July 9th. At this point, Sandbox Interactive will wipe all servers ready for a clean start the next day. That’s when early access will open up to Founder Pack owners.

Grab it, and you’ll get an exclusive horse and house, and a “hefty” in-game wallet. So it’s worth grabbing if you want to look cool.

What’s Albion Online?

Albion Online is an upcoming sandbox MMORPG that challenges you to forge your own digital life. You can craft your own equipment, build villages, and battle players in massive PvP.

You won’t be restricted into a particular class either. In a change up from the traditional MMORPG format, Albion Online lets you go classless and play the game as you wish. If you’d rather craft items and open your own shop, that’s totally an option.

It’s also completely cross platform across PC, Mac, Linux, and Android, so if you fancy doing a few quick things on your phone while you’re away from your PC, this is the MMORPG for you. You can learn more information and grab the Founder Pack here.

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