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Titanfall: Assault has launched globally on Android

Titanfall: Assault Android

Titanfall: Assault has been gunning for Clash Royale‘s throne for some time in soft launch. It’s finally available globally, so its time to see if its truly got what it takes.

As you can expect, the eponymous Titans and Pilots make an appearance here. You’ll recognise a few from the console games, but there are completely new ones as well.

Your deck of cards will mostly be made up of these trademark units, but you can also pop a few support cards in there too. These will act like spells from Clash Royale.

Titanfall: Assault is gunning for Clash Royale’s crown

Once built, you can test your deck in strategic real time PvP battles. These play as like a cross between Clash Royale and a MOBA. You’ll drop units and support them with your burn cards.

If you’re the sort that likes playing with your friends, you can form a Guild. This lets you play with them and share strategies from within the game.

If that all sounds good to you, go and grab Titanfall: Assault on Google Play right now.

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