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New trailer and release date for PikPok’s Into the Dead 2

Into the Dead 2 screenshot

Pikpok’s Into the Dead 2 will hit Google Play on October 13th, in plenty of time for Halloween.

The first Into the Dead saw you automatically running headlong into a creepy swarm of zombies, tilting your handset left and right to weave between them for as long as possible. It was pretty good.

Into the Dead 2 looks like a much more elaborate affair, with a stronger narrative, crafted levels, and deeper gameplay. That’s what the press release says, anyway.

And going by the trailer it’s not wrong. There’s a distinct daughter-based tragedy + country music vibe that we’ll generously say “pays tribute” to The Walking Dead, and that extends to the gameplay, which apparently boasts “multiple endings”.

There’s more though, including varied gameplay, a range of powerful weapons, canine companions, and daily events. For all it borrows from TWD in terms of style, it’s still an action game – and a pretty good one we expect.

Into the Dead 2 will be along in just under a month.

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