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Sega Forever gets Crazy Taxi, Space Harrier II, and a 50% sale on Android

Sega has slashed the prices of 11 of its Sega Forever games by 50% to celebrate the latest much-needed upgrades to its emulator.

It has also added Space Harrier II and Crazy Taxi to the service for good measure.

In case you don’t know already, Sega Forever is an emulator platform that allows the venerable publisher to bring its old games to mobile. 

Games like Altered Beast, Golden Axe, and Sonic are already available, and the library keeps on expanding. Everything is free to download, so the 50% discount is actually for the in-app purchase to get rid of the ads.

Here’s a full list of the discounted games. Google them yourself if you want links. Jeez.

Sonic The Hedgehog Classic

Space Harrier II Classic

Comix Zone Classic

Phantasy Star II Classic

Kid Chameleon Classic

Virtua Tennis Challenge

The Revenge of Shinobi Classic

Ristar Classic

Golden Axe Classic

Altered Beast Classic

Crazy Taxi Classic

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