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This new Middle Earth: Shadow of War mobile trailer explains the updated Nemesis system

shadow of war

2014’s console and PC game Middle Earth: Shadow of Mordor was great, thanks in part to its innovative Nemesis system, which saw you taking on orc commanders who belonged to a military hierarchy.

Win and another orc would rise through the ranks to replace them. Lose and they’d grow more powerful. The Nemesis system didn’t have anything other than a cosmetic influence on your overall progress through the game, but it infused the big set-piece battles with extra tension.

Guess what. The sequel, Shadow of War, is coming to mobile in the form of a top-down hack-and-slasher, and if the latest trailer is anything to go by it all hangs on a new and improved Nemesis system.

The main improvements are that you can either execute or recruit each nemesis as an ally, and you can pit them against opponents in duels to hone their fighting abilities.

Just watch the trailer if you want the full scoop, as a gravelly voiced dude spends the whole time explaining how the Nemesis system works in detail.

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