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Troll your Blizzard buddies with the free app, out now

If you’ve ever become frustrated by the inconvenience of trolling your Blizzard gaming friends on the go, then today is your lucky day.

Blizzard has released, a free mobile app that lets you tell your good friends how rubbish they are over chat. They’re not online? No problem – the chat function works offline too, so your friends can enjoy your remonstrations when they next log in, and revisit them at leisure through the chat log.

You can also see what games your friends are playing, allowing you to hop in and join them if they’ll let you. Naturally you can add new games and friends to the platform. will even serve up friend suggestions, enabling you to continuously refresh your chat pool with new banter chums as the old ones admit themselves to the burns ward from all your sweet burns and quietly de-friend you.

Of course, you could just be nice. Either way, is now available on Google Play.

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