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Realist adventure game Night in the Woods is coming to mobile

night in the woods

Okay, so It’s a bit of a stretch to call Night in the Woods a ‘realist’ adventure game.

Yes, it follows the travails of a college drop-out returning to her economically depressed home town and navigating the hazardous psychosocial currents she finds there, but it’s also populated entirely by animals.

It’s like a cross between Animal Crossing and Ghost World. Or just Bojack Horseman.

Night in the Woods is highly acclaimed, thanks to its excellent visual design, storytelling, and puzzles.

And it’s coming to mobile.

We don’t know when, other than 2018, and we don’t know for sure that it’ll be coming to Android, but mobile adventure fans should rejoice nonetheless at this glimmer of hope. Stay tuned for more news.

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