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South Park: Phone Destroyer launches Nov 9 on Android

South Park: Phone Destroyer

Mark your calendars, Android gamers. Ubisoft has just confirmed that South Park: Phone Destroyer will launch on November 9.

South Park: Phone Destroyer is an upcoming card battler that pits you and your favourite characters from the show in battles against gangs of costumed kids.

It plays kind of like a combination of Clash Royale and Final Fantasy. You build a deck of attack cards and then draw four at random in battle. You can then select an attack to use from the four drawn.

South Park: Phone Destroyer will launch on Android on November 3

Well, that’s provided you have enough energy. It’s a lot like Clash Royale in that sense, with energy automatically regenerating after use. Balancing that is key.

It’s also kind of like a traditional episode of South Park. You play as the fully customisable New Kid, battling other kids in the neighbourhood over 60 story-driven levels.

If that sounds like fun to you, there’s not long to wait until November 9 when you can get your hands on it. Those in certain territories (Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden) can already grab the soft launch version on Google Play.

You can also pre-register right now to grab an exclusive ManBearPig costume at launch.

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