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MMORPG sequel Pocket Legends Adventures is out now

Pocket Legends Adventures Android

Pocket Legends was one of the first MMORPGs to successfully launch on mobile, and today a sequel arrived, Pocket Legends Adventures.

Adventures picks up where the original left off. You’ll once again create an animal character and hop off on a bunch of whimsical 3D adventures.

This time around though, it looks absolutely gorgeous. The original was impressive at the time, but you got the feeling the visuals weren’t its focus. You can’t say the same here.

Pocket Legends Adventures provides more MMORPG fun on Android

Meanwhile, the combat is even more action packed than before. You can select from a variety of weapons like bows, swords, staves, and wands to develop your own combat style.

Because there are no classes here. You can chop and change as you see fit over the course of your adventure, which is a nice bit of freedom. You don’t see that often in the genre.

There’s a ton of online content to work through from quests, to dungeons, and even raids. Those who prefer to go it alone won’t be disappointed though, as there’s a single player campaign to complete too.

So go ahead and start your online fantasy life right now with Pocket Legends Adventures, out now on Google Play.

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