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The mobile League of Legends, Arena of Valor, is out now

Arena of Valor Android

Tencent’s mobile remake of League of LegendsArena of Valor, has just launched on Android. Head on over to Google Play to see for yourself.

I’m not sure why Tencent decided to change the name, but this is League of Legends as you know it. You’ll still battle opponents in the three lanes of an arena and destroy towers.

Tencent’s mobile League of Legends remake, Arena of Valor, is out right now

Picking your favourite hero to play as and then mastering them is also a big part of the fun. In fact, it’s even more fun here as your favourite DC heroes have made the cut too.

These include Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman, and more. In total, there are over 40 heroes that each have a class from tank to healer to assassin.

If you love MOBAs and have been itching for a decent one to play on mobile, Arena of Valor might be the one for you. After all, it’s a remake of arguably the finest to grace PC ever. Grab it on Google Play now.

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