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Meteorfall is a deck building roguelike out now

Meteorfall Android

Deck builders and roguelikes hardly ever cross paths, but that’s exactly what Meteorfall is aiming to change. It just came out on Android, and combines both genres.

Meteorfall: Journeys, which is its full title, lets you choose a class, then create a deck out of a few basic cards. You’ll then set off on an adventure, during the course of which you will find even more cards.

Deck builder roguelike Meteorfall is out now on Android

The battle system is a lot like Tinder. When faced with a monster, you’ll draw a card from your deck and can either swipe right to use it, or left to to skip it. You’ll use or regain stamina based on your actions.

Die and the game will reset, forcing you to build your favourite deck all over again. There is some persistence though, as you’ll earn gems you can spend on your favourite cards.

If that sounds fun to you, go and grab Meteorfall: Journeys on Google Play right now. It certainly seems like an interesting blend of genres.

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