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ChronoBlade is an RPG brawler out now on Android

ChronoBlade Android

ChronoBlade is a hybrid of side scrolling brawler and RPG, and it’s out right now on Android. The best part is, it also includes synchronous multiplayer, so you can play with your friends if you so wish.

There are over 30 different attacks to use, both on the ground and in the air, and you can chain them together to create combos. You can also dodge and block, and even perform counter attacks if you’re skilled enough.

ChronoBlade is a side scrolling brawler you can play with your friends

Back to the multiplayer though. It’s a collection of PvP scraps that you can play with (well, against) your buddies. You’ll have to master your particular character though, if you hope to win.

There are four characters in total to choose from, and you can customise them further with new equipment. There’s even a progression system so you can alter your character as it grows to improve its abilities.

If this all sounds like so much fun to you, go ahead and grab ChronoBlade from Google Play right now. You’ve got nothing to lose really, because it’s free!

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