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Rayark’s rhythm sequel Cytus II is out now on Android

Cytus II Android

Rayark’s latest rhythm action game Cytus II is out right now on Android, marking a return to its routes for Rayark. It’s also the first ever sequel by the developer of hits like Deemo and Voez.

The sequel takes place in the future, when humanity has reached as stage in its digital development that virtual festivals are possible. Your role is to play the songs by various artists at a particular festival.

Rhythm action sequel Cytus II is out right now on Android

It plays similar to Guitar Hero. You have to tap the screen as notes reach a certain point on a line displayed on the screen. Hit notes at the right time and you’ll get a higher score.

There are 30 songs to play in the base game, and a further 30 available as an IAP if you find yourself craving more. The songs range from classical, to electronic, and even rock.

If you love rhythm action games or Rayark’s work in general, go and grab Cytus II on Google Play right now.

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