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The Quest’s latest expansion, Macha’s Curse, is out now

The Quest Android

The Quest is easily the longest running mobile dungeon crawling franchise to date, and it just got a brand new expansion. Macha’s Curse is the name, and it provides a bunch of new areas and adventures.

The best part is, you can either play the expansion from where you last left off in the base game, or buy it as a completely standalone adventure. So you literally have no excuse not to check it out.

The Quest: Macha’s Curse is out right now on Android

Macha’s Curse sees you travel to the kingdom of Ulidia to help prevent an invasion led by Queen Maeve of Connacht. She’s in search of a magical bull, of all things.

Your job is to work with the Knights of the Red Branch, their leader Cuchulainn, the wizard Cathbad, and others to try and bring about an end to the war. That’s no mean feat.

So if you fancy preventing a war instead of causing it for a change, check out The Quest: Macha’s Curse on Google Play right now. We doubly recommend it if you’ve played the franchise before, or just like traditional dungeon crawlers.

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