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Noodlecake has brought Lichtspeer to Android

Lichtspeer Android

Noodlecake is clearly on a mission to bring every indie game under the sun to Android. The latest is Lichtspeer, the odd spear throwing blend of viking culture and 80s arcade games.

You have to throw spears of light at a variety of enemies to slay them before they get close to you. The mechanics are similar to Angry Birds, with you swiping and holding to direct your spear throw.

Viking arcade game Lichtspeer is out now on Android

There are over 60 levels to battle your way through. Occasionally, you have to fight a boss too, so things do get quite difficult.

Fortunately, you can upgrade your abilities to make life a little easier. As a result, it’s pretty replayable, as you can go back and improve your standing in previous levels when you’re more powerful.

Head on over to Google Play to check out Lichtspeer on Android right now.

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