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Epic: Fortnite will launch on Android this summer

Fortnite Battle Royale Android

Thought it’s been no secret that Fortnite is coming to Android, it isn’t until now that Epic has formally announced it. Epic is targeting a summer release.

The delay does have some positives. Take a glance at the planned mobile updates, and you can see that the battle royale shooter does have a lot of issues.

Fortnite is definitely coming to Android this summer

If you’ve had a chance to play it on a lower end iOS device, you’ll have witnessed the poor resolution for yourself. You also can’t currently make any changes to the HUD, and there’s no voice chat.

All of that is coming though, along with improvements to stability and the visuals. This should all come around the time of the Android release, so fingers crossed!

You can check the full announcement over on the official Fortnite site. It’s a shame that it doesn’t include a more definite release window than the summer, but we’ll keep you posted on that.

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