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Gamevil’s PVP-focused MMO Royal Blood is out now

Royal Blood Android

Gamevil’s PVP-focused MMORPG Royal Blood is finally out on Android. It’s big, it’s ambitious, and it’s absolutely worth your time.

You’ll pick a character out of the Warrior, Ranger, Mage, and Bard. Each plays differently, and combined they each add a different flavour to the party setup.

For the most part, you’ll battle your way against the environment. There’s a massive open world to explore, and it’s delivered with gorgeous visuals that defy what you thought possible on mobile.

Gamevil’s ambitious MMORPG Royal Blood is out now on Android

As you play your character will grow in power. You’ll level up, which increases your statistics, upgrade your skills to increase their power, and outfit yourself with better equipment.

When you feel ready, you can finally enter the PVP modes. This is where the true fun lies, with a small scale 3v3 arena and massive 70v70 realm battles.

If you don’t feel like fighting others, you can team up with them instead and battle your way through a variety of raids.

So if that sounds good to you, head on over to Google Play to check out Royal Blood right now. If you pre-registered, you’ll have a bunch of rewards waiting for you when you do.

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