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If you play Game of Thrones: Conquest you might be getting ripped off

In a long expose, The Daily Dot reports that a group of Game of Thrones: Conquest players calling themselves the Cleopatra Collective have uncovered evidence of widespread cheating.

The group produced a 28 page report, but it basically boils down to this: there are bots. Bad bots. More specifically, several different bots have been created and made available through Discord.

These bots, among them the Three Eyed Raven, gather information on other players, bestowing a huge advantage upon their users.

If you are so inclined — and a scoundrel to boot — you could learn the coordinates of specific players, find resources, and automate activities like base-building and completing quests.

There other other bots, and many more scintillating details in the story on The Daily Dot.

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