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Old School RuneScape Mobile has soft launched in Canada

Old School RuneScape Android

If you live in Canada and have been hankering for some Old School RuneScape, we’ve got some great news for you: it’s now in soft launch.

The good news for us is that this soft launch is exclusive to Android. That’s right, iOS users won’t be able to play it for who knows how long.

Old School RuneScape has soft launched in Canada

Don’t live in Canada? Well, there is a way you can still play it right now. That simply involves getting a Twitch Prime subscription.

Either pay for one or grab the free trial, and you can get yourself a free 30 days membership to Old School RuneScape on mobile.

Our previous article goes into more detail. Canadians, head on over to Google Play to grab the soft launch version right now.

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