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Chaos Reborn: Adventures is a new SRPG by the makers of X-COM

Chaos Reborn: Adventures

Real big fan of X-COM? Time to get excited then, as the makers have just released the brand new SRPG Chaos Reborn: Adventures.

It trades the sci-fi of its predecessor with fantasy. You’ll create a wizard that you can customise with a variety of gear, items, and spells.

That’s not to mention the ability to summon and command a wide variety of creatures to aid you in battle.

Chaos Reborn: Adventures is out right now on Android

Combat takes place across a vast single player campaign full of warring factions, gorgeous realms, and other fantasy shenanigans.

Then there’s multiplayer, which pits you head-to-head against a friend or enemy to see who’s the very best wizard.

So if you like X-COM, fantasy stuff, or SRPGs, Chaos Reborn: Adventures is well worth a look. Grab it on Google Play now.

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