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Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is out now on Android

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope Android

Man, this is quite the week for Android releases. To top it all off, Harvest Moon: Light of Hope is finally available on Google Play.

This premium sim not only allows you to create a flourishing farm, but challenges you to rebuild a whole town too.

So you’ll have to balance between planting crops and building new, errr, buildings – as well as taking care of your character’s personal life.

Harvest Moon: Light of Hope celebrates the series’ 20th anniversary

That’s right – you can have kids, get married, and make friends just like in previous entries.

There are also a wide range of festivals to participate in. Like a dog racing festival – who doesn’t love those?

Sound good to you? That’s great! Head on over to Google Play to grab Harvest Moon: Light of Hope right now.

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