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Glory Ages – Samurais is a gorgeous ninja simulator out now

Glory Ages - Samurais Android

If you grew up wishing you were a ninja, and are now disappointed that you aren’t one, we have a solution: Glory Ages – Samurais.

This gorgeous simulator lets you live the life of a samurai. That means slicing and dicing poor enemies until they’re just mush on the ground.

Glory Ages – Samurais lets you live your dreams of being a ninja

The environments are minimalistic, but gorgeous all the same. Long grassy fields and environmental effects don’t distract from the clashing of steel.

Artificial intelligence is the real highlight here. Each enemy will actively try to avoid your blows and retaliate with their own. They’ll even react to the gruesome deaths of their friends.

So if you think you have what it takes to be a samurai, go and grab Glory Ages – Samurais on Google Play right now.

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