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Stardew Valley is coming to mobile this month

Stardew Valley Android

The internet just broke with the news that Stardew Valley is coming to mobile. The best part is there isn’t really much of a wait, as it’s out later this month.

That means that one of the biggest games in the entire world will be available on every available current platform.

Stardew Valley is like Harvest Moon with a pixel makeover

There is some bad news though: it will launch on iOS first on October 24, but there’s no word of an Android release date just yet.

Typical eh? Ah well, at least it’s coming. If you haven’t heard of Stardew Valley, it’s basically Harvest Moon but a pixelated version.

Pre-orders are going up on October 10, but we’re not sure if that includes Android. Stay glued to Google Play all the same.

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