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Ghostbusters World is a Pokémon GO-like that actually makes a lot of sense

Ghostbusters World Android

Ghostbusters World is an upcoming Pokémon GO-like AR location-based gacha RPG that actually makes a lot of sense.

Much like in its inspiration, you wander around the real world seeking ghosts on a local map.

Find one and, just like a real Ghostbuster, you have to catch it using your very own proton beam.

Ghostbusters World is out right now on Android

Much like loads of mobile games now, you’ll build a team of your favourite ghosts and battle against other players.

There’s also boss raids to battle in, a story to follow, and dimension doors to find. These are like Poké Stops basically.

Like the sound of all that? Go and grab Ghostbusters World on Google Play right now.

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