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Destiny Child is out right now on Android

Destiny Child Android

Destiny ChildĀ has finally launched on Android and we still have no idea what it is or what you have to do.

From the Google Play page, we gather that it’s a gacha hero collector in which you hire a bunch of ‘Childs’.

Destiny Child is an oddball RPG that we can’t really make sense of

We can only assume that the translation is lacking here. Childs are basically your heroes, of which each has its own backstory.

You’ll send them out into battle, using a variety of skills to defeat your opponents.

One of them is known as a ‘Drive’ skill, lending further support to the theory that the translation isn’t so great. Children can’t drive.

Anyway, if you like the sound of this oddball RPG, go and grab it right now on Google Play.

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