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Android: 5 winter-themed games to get you in the mood for Christmas

Alto's Adventure Android

Christmas can be a pretty stressful time of year so getting in the mood to enjoy it can be a little difficult. To help make that a little easier, we’ve rounded up five of our favourite winter-themed games. Why not download a few and see if it helps you get in the festive spirit?

The best winter-themed game on Android: Alto’s Adventure – Get it

If Alto’s Adventure can’t help you relax, then no mobile game can. This endless snowboarder is so chilled that the developers added in a zen mode to remove any potential obstacles to your relaxation.

There’s plenty of challenge for those that go looking for it though. You’ll snowboard down a wintery mountain, avoiding obstacles, performing tricks, and getting high scores.

Skiing Yeti Mountain – Get it

Skiing Yeti Mountain is an off-kilter murder mystery set on the slopes of Yeti Mountain. You’ll ski down this incredibly steep chunk of icy rock as you attempt to beat your speed score and figure out what the deal with all those murders is.

Ski Safari 2 – Get it

Without Ski Safari, there likely wouldn’t be an Alto’s Adventure. This skiing adventure sequel ramps up the visuals, tricks, and crazy as you once again try and outrace an avalanche and rescue a few animals along the way.

Dog Sled Saga – Get it

Dog Sled Saga is a cute winter dog sled racing simulator. You’ll recruit a team of dogs and train them up to be the best racers around. As you get to know them, you’ll also discover new traits. Certain dogs might like being in charge, while others prefer to do the grunt work.

Snow Town – Get it

Last up is Snow Town, a city building simulator that takes place entirely in winter. You’ll build stuff, hire and take care of employees, and ensure your citizens are happy by building the best town possible.

Snow Town Android

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