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Mythgard is in alpha and you can test it right now

Mythgard Android

Mythgard is an intriguing new CCG currently in development, and you can get a taste of it right now on Android.

There’s an alpha build available now for those that want to actively help the developers finish the game.

Mythgard takes place in the real world but also features dragons

So what does this one do differently? Well, it does away with the class or faction systems of fellow card games. That means everyone is on equal footing and can create a deck that completely suits them.

It also takes place in the real world. Well, we say that but mythical creatures feature – the story involve us fighting back against dragons and the like.

It’s also completely free – and the developers mean that. You can’t just buy incredibly powerful cards with real money and dominate. Instead, you earn them through play.

So head on over to the official site right now and check out this awesome CCG in alpha.

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