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5 Games You can Pre-Register for Right Now

Every week, many games go up for pre-registration, often more than we can cover in a week. Rather than writing five separate articles about each game now available for pre-registration, I made a list instead.

These five games cover a variety of genres, so in theory, there should be at least one game in this list that appeals to you (in theory!). Let me know in the comments below if you prefer lists of games or individual posts about each game.

The Ruler of the Land RUSH: Idle RPG

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The Ruler of the Land was a Korean manhwa coming to Android as an idle RPG. Gameplay is full of the characters from the original manhwa. You can either play idle or let your character do all the work, or tap furiously to slay your enemies.

Extreme Football

Extreme Football is a real-time football game where you can play with friends or players around the world. There are three game modes to choose from, including 1 vs. 1, 2 vs. 2 and 3 vs. 3. Extreme Football looks like a budget version of FIFA Street but for your smartphone.

Girl’s War Z

Girl’s War Z is an action defence RPG where humanity has succumbed to the zombie apocalypse. However, there was a small group of individuals who proved to be immune to the virus, all girls under 18 years old. So it’s up to you to guide these school girls to safety and try to survive the apocalypse.

Guardian Knights

Guardian Knights is a classic turn-based RPG which boasts the same features traditionally offered by RPGs in the past. There is a bulky story, with a character upgrading system and certain synergies between characters. Also, there is a Battle Arena where you prove your guardian’s strength. There are guilds you can join which have unique rewards, missions and titles just waiting for you to discover them.

Golf King – World Tour

Golf King is a real-time multiplayer golf game where you duel other players for coins and trophies. There are tons of customisable features including your character’s appearance and you can get lucky in packs to find better clubs which enhance your performance. Any fan of realistic golfing will look forward to the release of Golf King, pre-register now for special prizes.

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