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Perfect World Mobile Gets the Vulpine Class on November 13

Perfect World Mobile is about to get an all-new class on November 13. It’s the Vulpine, and it specialises in dealing damage, debuffing, and taming pets.

Vulpine is of the Untamed race, which means the poor Barbarian finally has some company. It’s a female-only class that, much like the Barbarian, can swap between two forms – this time human and fox.

The Vulpine is the Second Untamed Class in Perfect World Mobile

While in human form, the Vulpine specialises in using toxins and hexes to deal damage from a safe distance. At any moment, they can switch to fox form though and deal enormous melee damage.

You can also tame pets while out in the wild. Pets will fight alongside you, and you can command them to remain passive or active.

The Vulpine launches in Perfect World Mobile on November 13. You can check out the mobile MMORPG right now by grabbing it from Google Play.

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