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Virtual Realms Shows Off Warhammer: Odyssey’s Main City, Marienberg

We got a further glimpse of Warhammer: Odyssey this week, with a full video reveal of its major city, Marienberg. The video reveals a painfully slow Dwarven Slayer wandering around the main districts, which include a port, market, alleys, and a huge town square.

Marienberg seems to be bustling with NPCs, who wander around the city going about their business. It isn’t quite Assassin’s Creed-populated, but it’s impressive for a mobile MMORPG.

Warhammer: Odyssey is an Upcoming Mobile-exclusive MMORPG

Warhammer: Odyssey is an upcoming mobile-exclusive MMORPG by the makers of Celtic Heroes. It aims to emulate the PC classics, rather than current mobile entries that include controversial practices like autoplay.

It features numerous different races, including Human, Dwarf, and High Elf and many classes, like Witch Hunter, Archmage, Warrior Priest, Engineer, Shadow Warrior, and Slayer.

So far, we’ve seen a good look at the Witch Hunter and Slayer classes, and now the major city of Marienberg. The game is reportedly still in pre-alpha so it’s probably a while before we can expect to see it.

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