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Blob, Toad, Ironheart, and Red Skill are the Latest New Characters in Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force just got a brand new update that introduces four new playable characters to the mix: Blob, Toad, Ironheart, and Red Skull.

There’s also space for new upgrades for Hydra Grenadier, Hydra Rifle Trooper, Hydra Sniper, Hydra Armored Guard, and Hydra Scientist. That’s a lot of Hydras.

Marvel Strike Force’s Latest Update Also Includes New Upgrades and a Contacts List

Meanwhile, Iron Man, War Machine, Magneto, and Juggernaut have received ability enhancements, which might make them a solid fit for your team.

Rounding out the new content is a visual polish, bug fixes, and a contacts list. Developer FoxNext is reportedly working on a difficulty selector for raids, coming in a future update.

So why not go ahead and grab Marvel Strike Force and the recent update right now from Google Play.

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