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Inkee Doodle is an Innovative Clicker with Cutting Edge Tech

Inkee Doodle is like two games in one. It lets you explore your creativity in the visual arts, and then destroy your creations in exchange for candy. Sounds like a solid day’s work to us. 

Step one sees you drawing a picture with the tip of your finger, using the game’s simple but effective visual editor. There’s a slider to choose the size of your brush, another to change the shade and tint of your colors, and a circular spectrum where you choose a color. 

That’s all you need to create fun, imaginative drawings, and the whole process couldn’t be more intuitive or straightforward. 

Once you’re happy with your drawing, you can hold a ‘play’ icon to transform your static artwork into a virtual object that wobbles and folds on the screen.

By poking, prodding, and tearing your creation apart you cause it to unload candies. You need to collect these candies by tapping on them before they disappear. Once you’ve garnered enough sweet candy from the wreckage of your drawing, you can return to the main menu. 

From here, you can visit the shop to buy a whole range of upgrades, which do things like increase the tapping range of candies, increase their value, and so on. The more upgrades you buy, the more candies you earn, and so on in a constant loop. 

It’s a classic incremental clicker setup, and if you’ve played one of those games before you know how mesmerizingly addictive it is. 

What underpins all this is Inkee Doodle’s groundbreaking tech, which combines a robust physics engine with cutting edge art asset conversion algorithms. It means you’re not just tapping aimlessly at the screen, as in most clickers, but you’re prodding at your very own creations, and experimenting with shapes that yield the most candies. 

You can also import transparent PNG files into the program, so – for example – you can technically add in the faces of any celebrity you can find. The possibilities are almost endless – and endlessly amusing.

According to developer Atomic Inc, Inkee Doodle is just the beginning as far as this fancy tech is concerned. In fact, there’s already an add-on in the pipeline – Inkee Olympics will see you pitting your creations against others in athletics contests. 

Inkee Doodle is available for free right now on Google Play.

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