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Samarost 3, from Machinarium Developer Amanita Design, is Going Cheap on Android

Samarost 3, the visually striking point-and-click adventure game from Amanita Design, is currently going cheap on the Google Play Store. You can pick it up right now for $1.99, down from its usual price of $4.99.

If you played Machinarium – or the previous Samarost games for that matter – you’ll know roughly what to expect with Samarost 3. It has the same distinctive hand-drawn art style and unique aesthetic, and the same well-constructed puzzles. 

The game sees you playing as a gnome in a lush forest environment, with puzzles that border on the surreal. There are singing termites, moth antennae that function as string instruments, and more ethereal spectacles besides. 

Samarost 3 may well be the most acclaimed of Amanita Design’s games, and it’s well worth its current discounted price. Download it now on Google Play. 

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