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Crash Bandicoot Mobile is Out in Soft Launch

Crash Bandicoot Mobile, from developer King, is out right now in soft launch – but only in Malaysia.

The existence of a Crash Bandicoot game on mobile first came to light in February, when it was leaked on Twitter. Unsurprisingly, Crash Bandicoot Mobile is an auto-runner in the Subway Surfers mould – a natural mobile progression for the series.

You’ll visit Turtle Woods, Lost City, and Temple Ruins, while taking on Dingodile, Mutagen Ant, Scorporilla, and other iconic baddies from Naughty Dog’s long running series. 

On top of the auto-running sections there’s also a building element to the game. Putting up certain structures will allow you to create weapons and other items. You construct these buildings with parts you collect during gameplay sections. 

Crash Bandicoot Mobile will be available at some point in the future, presumably quite soon. 

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