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Infection Mode Returns to PUBG Mobile Along with Halloween Zombies

PUBG Mobile has just been updated with a new Infection mode as part of its 2020 “Halloweeks” celebration.

First released in 2019, Infection Mode sees two teams of players going head to head, with one side playing as zombies and the other playing as defenders. The goal for the zombie team is simply to eliminate all of the defenders before the round is over.

If they fail, the defender team earns the “Chicken Dinner”. On the face of it being a defender looks a lot more fun, since players on that team get super extended mags while zombies are restricted to melee attacks and abilities with cooldowns.

Defenders who get taken out respawn as zombies. Just like in real life. They can become fast zombies, stealth zombies, and even the Zombie King. When defenders are against the ropes, meanwhile, they transform into powerful combatants called Vanquishers. Zombies killed by Vanquishers are dead forever.

Alongside this mode, which will be available until November the 9th, PUBG Mobile has also been updated with various Halloween-themed decorations, outfits, and so on.

You can download PUBG Mobile for free right now on the Google Play Store.

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