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Godzilla’s Ongoing Promotional Rampage Reaches PUBG Mobile in Latest Game Update

Godzilla has come to PUBG Mobile in the game’s 1.4 update, accompanied by King Kong and Mechagodzilla.

Timed – like Toho’s recently announced trio of Godzilla titles – to coincide with the release of Godzilla vs. Kong, the update lets you encounter the three monsters in Erangel, Sanhok, and Livik as long as you select the Titan Strikes mode before joining.

As well as being an enjoyable spectacle, the Titans drop enhancement crystal called Titan Crystals. You can swap these for ability enhancements and an exclusive throwable.

From June the 9th, meanwhile, Erangel will acquire a new feature that lets you shrink and teleport around the map, exploring new routes as you go. New labs will appear, too, giving you access to a Quantum Transformation Device that turns you into a strange creature that can only fight with other strange creatures.

A new arena map called Hangar will go live on the 1st of June, too. It’ll support Team Deathmatch, Team Gun Game, and Arena Training.

You can download PUBG Mobile on the Google Play Store for free right now.

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