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Dress Up! Time Princess Gets a Halloween Event, Adding a Kitty Breeding Function and More

You might not think that Halloween would be a particularly “on brand” holiday for Dress Up! Time Princess. But you’d be wrong. 

This year IGG is going all out with the spooky festivities, bringing new costumes, events, decorations, a scary dressing background, and more to its deceptively educational historical adventure.

Plus, there’s an all new cat breeding program to explore, adding a whole extra layer to Dress Up! Time Princess’s already engaging gameplay. 

More on that later. For now, allow us to remind you what Dress Up! Time Princess is all about. 

It starts with a reluctant journey. You’ve been dispatched to visit your grandfather in Paradise Town, and while you’re exploring his ramshackle old house you find a dusty lectern that becomes the gateway to a magical adventure in the realm of literary history. 

You find yourself in 18th century Versailles, plunged into a dispute over an opulent necklace. You’ll need to dress for the occasion in stunning period clothes and navigate the tricky territory of palace politics. The decisions you make can impact the whole story and all of the characters in it. 

Plus, you can collect cats, dress them up, and send them out to find materials for you. 

And now, thanks to the Halloween update, you can breed these cats too. Several new breeds of cat are available in the game, and the Kitty Breeding Function lets you combine them to create even more. 

It works pretty much exactly how it works in real life. You send your cats out on dates, and they produce kittens. Then you need to feed these kittens until they grow up into cats, capable of foraging for materials, wearing pretty clothes, and – yes – breeding. 

If you can tick off all the cats on the Kitty Chart, meanwhile, you’ll earn rewards and Kitty Reputation points. 

To get involved, download Dress Up! Time Princess for free right now on the Google Play Store (and the App Store) – just click here.

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