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Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections is an Irreverent Casual Game with a Serious Message (and Tons of Poop)

The annual spookfest of Halloween is upon us, but there’s a far more frightening event taking place right now. 

Yep, the US election is looming. Down one path lays salvation. Down the other, certain doom. Which path is which depends entirely on your political persuasion. 

Also, it depends on your aim. Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections is an hilarious mobile game that satirizes the current state of US politics by letting you poop on supporters of the two presidential candidates. 

Each level takes place in a different US city, with LA, Seattle, New York, and other urban spaces represented in stylish pixel-art fashion. Citizens are milling around in these cities, sitting on benches, chatting, and generally going about their daily business. 

Until you poop on them.

The political sympathies of your victims are indicated by the color of the energy bars hovering over their heads, so you always know what kind of person you’re taking down. They react to being pooped on in a variety of colorful ways. 

Some make funny remarks, some run for cover, some laugh at you, and some of your unwilling targets retaliate by throwing stuff. 

And you’re not just pooping on average citizens. There are bosses, too, and you can even poop on leading political figures like Joe Biden, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and Nancy Pelosi. 

All the while Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections keeps poop statistics in different states, helping to predict the outcome of the imminent US election through the time-honored medium of avian defecation. You can check in any time on the live POOP map. 

While Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections undeniably has its puerile side, the game has a serious mission too. It features fair, balanced, and timely news nuggets from the current presidential race, to help younger voters in particular make an informed choice in this highly consequential election.

Speaking of which, there’s less than a week to go before polling day. It’s time to download Pigeon POOlitics: 2020 Elections and get pooping. 

The game is available on both Google Play and the App Store.

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